The Greater Miami Adventist Academy curriculum for grades K-12 follows the standards set by the Southern Union Education Department in conjunction with the Florida Conference and the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventists. At the secondary level, GMAA offers an honors, college preparatory, and general diploma.

The Academy curriculum (grades 9-12) includes a comprehensive math program: Algebra I, II, geometry, and financial math. Dual enrollment math classes are pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics. Students in middle school may advance into Algebra I during their 8th grade year.

The science program places an emphasis on the health sciences. The courses are physical science, biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, physics, health science I, health science II and, in partnership with the Adventist University of Health Sciences (AUHS), college anatomy and physiology I, II.

Additional dual enrollment classes in partnership with AUHS are Introduction to Sociology and College English 101.

Elective classes are broad in scope ranging from drama, choir, band, strings, gymnastics, art, yearbook, to outdoor and team sports and two years of Spanish.

All students are automatically enrolled in a religion class each semester. All secondary level students participate in community service projects.